Auto Biography



A Spiritual Autobiography

All-uniting Love
with Creative Freedom in the Spirit,
as the Grand Mystery at the Heart of Reality
— One Man’s Vision


Paulos Mar Gregorios


1. Credentials: Apology for a Personal Confession

2. Suffering — Key to the Mystery: Agonies of an Adolescent

3. From India to Ethiopia: The Unmappable Ways of God

4. Haile Sellasie I: A Beloved Hero to the End, but at the End Misguided?

5. Ethiopia II (incomplete)

6. America and the West (not written)

7. The Ecumenical Movement: Rome, Constantinople and the Rest of Us (not written)

8. The Soviet Union That Was: Communism, Socialism, Liberalism and other Isms (incomplete)

Other Writings of Autobiographical Nature

1. Journal: At the Stroke of a Stroke… (incomplete)

2. How My Mind Has Changed: A Sacramental Humanism

3. My Own Vision of the Ultimate: Why Am I an Eastern Orthodox Christian

4. The Last Will


Love’s Freedom The Grand Mystery (Auto Biography) First Edition

Loves Freedom The Grand Mystery / Dr. Paulos Gregorios (Revised Edition)