Fond Memories












In Memory of Father Gregorios / Baba Virsa Sing

Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios: A Personal Reminiscence / Joseph E. Thomas, Ph.D.

Guru Gregorios: A Smaranjali / Fr. Dr. K. M. George

A Passionate Advocate and Champion of Holistic Medicine / K. R. Narayanan

Mar Gregorios As I know him / Job Mar Philoxenos

Otto Nuschke Award to Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios / Dr. Gerald Goetting

In Memoriam: Paulos Mar Gregorios / Paul Abrecht

A Life Long Friendship / Anne Schandorf

A Life of Close Intimacy with God / Rev. Fr. John – Brian Paprock

A Proud Indian / T. V. R. Shenoy                                              

Grandfather Paul / Rev. Thomas C. Davis, Ph.D.

The Essence of All that is Best and Honourable in Humankind / Raymond Edward Stewart

Memoirs / Sanjay Raphael Varghese

A Sage and Seer of Composite Culture / I. C. Menon

Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios –Some Glimpses / V. R. Krishna Iyer

A Prophet with a Smile / Dr. Mani Jacob

Unorthodox Metropolitan / Kabir Saxsena

I have no qualification to untie his shoe lace / Dr. Cherian Eapen

The Theological Bases of Mar Gregorios Humanism and Socialism / P. Govindappilla

A Leader of Interfaith Movement / Dr. Mohinder Singh

Red Bishop of India / J. Russell Chandran

Challenging and Fearless Presence / S. Wesley Ariarajah

An Intellectual Giant Passes into History / Archbishop Angelo Fernandes

Our Life at Princeton / Lance Woodruff

Thirumeni was a Spiritual Giant / K. Varghese

A Human Wonder / Prof. Ninan Abraham

Mar Gregorios: A Challenge to Us / Geevarghese Mar Coorilos

Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios: A Tribute / Fr. T. A. Mathias S. J.

Remembering A Rare Genius / Valson Thampu

Mar Gregorios, My Life-Long Hero / John Kunnathu

Mar Gregorios and Communists / John Philipose

Gregorios Thirumeni I knew / Joseph Cherian

Our Socrates / Paul George

Glimpses of a towering personality / C. G. Pathrose

Mar Gregorios in China