In memory of Father Gregorios

Baba Virsa Singh

Out of regard for his dear friend, the late Metropolitan Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios, Baba Virsa Singh sat with His Holiness Mar Thoma Matthew’s II, Catholics of the East, and His Holiness Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj at a memorial function for Father Gregorios on January 5th. Asked to bless the occasion, Babaji said, in part, “When Father Gregorios and I first met, I said, “Jesus is Light. If we try to confine him within sectarian boundaries, the trees and the oceans will despair, the whole Creation will despair, because Jesus gives Light to everything. This is my inner feeling. I respect Jesus day and night. “ Father Gregorios rose and embraced me. He folded his hands and said, ‘I feel the same way. Jesus is not a matter of a boundary. He is universal. If the Light is enclosed in a fort, all people will be unhappy.’

My feeling is that if we truly and correctly believe in religion, it is not a matter of boundaries. In the Holy Qur’an, it is specially written that Lord Jesus is a prophet and Mother Mary is blessed. Jesus is as much mine as he is yours. Jesus belongs to the whole Creation. He is Master of the oceans, Master of the earth, for Jesus is Light. If the Light is extinguished, what will the earth do? What will the trees do? What will the whole Creation do?

My feeling is that if Jesus is believed in this form, if the prophets are believed in this form, then our boundaries will drop away, our countries’ conflicts will end, the conflicts in our homes will end, and the conflicts in our minds will end. Every prophet has told us to love. However, we people do not obey their commandments. Their messages have been coming to us from time immemorial. Jesus and Guru Nanak said the same thing: Love the entire Creation and love human beings as well. The Prophet Mohammed said the same thing. But we have left their words behind and set forth our own ideas before the people. Therefore there is no peace in this world. Crime is increasing and people are upset. It is very necessary now to put into practice this one thing which all the prophets have told us. There is no other way. This is the only way. I will give this message to you all: We are all sisters and brothers. There is one God of us all. We all have one Love. We all have one Master. If we make divisions in this, there will definitely be quarrels among us.

I appeal to you to do as we are doing at Gobind Sadan. Whenever the holiday of a prophet or messiah comes, we celebrate and prepare special meals as if our father’s own day has come. When we celebrate the birthday of Jesus, among us are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews. We never feel that there are any differences. I will pray to God that He should bless and heal us all, and make us very good human beings. At this time, we all need His blessings and His grace very much. My inner prayer is that God should forgive us all, be compassionate toward us, heal us all, and become Master of us all.’’

(News from Gobind Sadan, February 1997)