Thirumeni was a Spiritual Giant

In the 70s and 80s, I attended a few gatherings where Gregorios Thirumeni also had addressed. I used to think that thirumeni was an intellectual giant, but probably not spiritual enough to be a bishop. For example, I still remember vividly my annoyance when I saw the photograph of Thirumeni, in the newspaper, at Adi Shankaraís samadhi, accepting prasadam. I was also annoyed for the newspaper reports of Thirumeni resigning from Diocese charge and later on withdrawing the resignation.

However, as I began reading whatever books I could get, authored by thirumeni, my perception about thirumeniís spirituality changed. I read the unfinished autobiography after thirumeniís demise, and that was quite an experience. After reading various articles in GSC by different people who were more fortunate to have been associated with thirumeni, my perception now is that thirumeni was a spiritual giant as well. Yes, in my heart, thirumeni is a saint.